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Cook School 2012



From day one, chef training has been something that we’ve taken huge pride in. We put lots of energy and creativity into our classes to make sure our founder Antonio’s passion for cooking is always front-of-mind (as well as his attention to detail!) Originally, the cook school started with Antonio showing a handful of chefs the finer points of making perfect pasta and creamy risotto. Now Carluccio’s is no longer a stand-alone caffe, we’ve created our own course for all budding Carluccio’s chefs to take part in.

The course takes place at Westminster Kingsway College and provides the perfect backdrop to get cooking. The kitchens are immense and have special sections for meat, patisserie, creating sauces and of course pasta stations. Needless to say we provide the fresh ingredients straight from our producers. The whole Carluccio team loves to be involved and likes to congratulate the graduates at the ‘Final Supper’ prepared (of course) by the chefs themselves. It’s a great time for us to get together and get passionate over food. The guest list is constantly being extended to cram everyone in and the anticipation of what’s being dished out on the night is huge. This year’s menu included:


Carciofi Fritti & Pasta Crescuita (fried artichoke, sun-dried tomato & sage fritters, Peperoni Arrotolati (stuffed rolled peppers) and Pane Con Sarde (a Sicilian 'panini' with anchovies, burrata mozzarella, tomato & basil)


Scaloppine di Pollo alle Erbe (Chicken breast with herbs)

Served with: 

Taccole w erbe (runner beans with herbs)

Patate e cippole al forno (oven baked poatatoes & onions)


Gelato ai Lamponi e Limone (Raspberry & Lemon ice cream)

Those who said they didn’t have room for dessert soon changed their mind.

Congratulations Carluccio’s Cook School 2012!


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