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Making Waves with Veneto Wines


It‘s probably fair to say that Bertani takes centre stage this year with its varied selection of top quality wines. Founded by two brothers in 1857, Bertani sought to use the latest winemaking techniques to produce the highest quality wines in the region. Today Bertani remains dedicated to its long-standing traditions, whilst never being afraid to explore new ideas. We believe this combination of innovation and a respect for the past makes this wine-producer so special.

Bertani’s range of wines extends from Valpolicella which takes its name from the ‘Valley of many cellars’ to classic varieties of Amarone. Bertani proudly claims to be the first producers of this wine with the more historic vintages, dating from 1920, nestled deep in their cellars. The Bertani world class Soave Sereole was served at the Coronation of King George VI and knocks the socks off your typical Soave.

Ruggeri is the celebrated name behind the star ‘sparklers’ in our Veneto line-up this summer. Founded in 1950 by Giustino Bisol, the Ruggeri co-operative is still owned and run by family members.  The grapes used to produce the sparkling wines of Ruggeri are grown on steep slopes involving a very labour-intensive method of production, involving the assistance of whole families. We think the extra work is definitely worth the effort. The results are stunning.

To reflect the many great wines of the Veneto region (there are almost too many to go around!) Mike has brought back a diverse selection incorporating a selection of wines from other producers. We feel they bring something interesting to our Festa del Vino Veneto line up and give you the rare opportunity to try some wines that might otherwise slip under the radar. The Sospiro Ripasso is an example of a wine that has won its place in the hearts of many of the Carluccio’s team. Although preferences change depending on the Carluccio’s food shop!

We all feel very passionately about wine so please stop by – we love any excuse to offer a recommendation. Or if you fancy a longer chat, join us for one of our many wine tastings or wine dinners (details on our events page).


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