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Foodie Frolicks in the Great Outdoors


The Italians love to indulge their senses – most often all in one go! Days and evenings are often spent in the piazza enjoying whatever entertainment is on the bill (concerts being the most popular). In true Italian style, alfresco dining constitutes a large part of the enjoyment. Bottles of prosecco are popped open and nibbles shared around as family and friends chatter away (often over the performance itself!)

This Italian philosophy of enjoying food en-masse in a relaxed, beautiful setting is something we really relish at Carluccio’s. We want you to enjoy the show (not break up the party with unnecessary food arrangements) and will happily work with you to make sure your picnic is ready to be tucked into!

To make your life that little bit easier, our team often pops along to the events to do picnic-drops (and share in the fun!) Just buzz us before the event and we’ll get cracking with the prep. You just need to remember to pack the picnic rug.


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