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New Season Olive Oil - what it's all about!


The demand is so high that whilst the Italians produce 20% of the world’s olive oil, they also consume an impressive 28% of it. Whilst the rest of the Western world might use it as a base for frying or dressing salads, the Italians will drizzle it on soups, pasta, rice, fish, meat and vegetables. In the same way that the British are partial to dipping biscuits in tea and the Americans for 'dunkin doughnuts', the Italians would rather douse their bread with oil.


At Carluccio’s we consider our Italian olive oil to be one of our most treasured assets; it’s the equivalent of liquid gold. Each year about 45 of the team (we alternate it every year) head over to Emilia Romagna to join our family of producers pick the olives. This year we came back with 2000 bottles of Olio Novello that we are proudly selling in our food shops (already sold out online!)


To ensure ‘liquid gold standard’, our Olio Novello is extra virgin, cold pressed and produced in less than 24 hours. It’s this (along with the year round dedication of our producers) that we believe makes our Olio Novello’s unique, very special taste.


Enjoy the first few drops of our Olio Novello like an Italian - simply drizzled over warm toasted ciabatta. Nothing beats it.


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