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Salute to Veneto Wine Country!


Ever since they touched down in the UK, we’ve been quizzing them about their travels. We’ve been getting the low down on our long-standing producers, hearing about new wines and very importantly tasting, discussing (and toasting) the fruits of the Veneto wine region.


Keeping up with our Italian producers is fundamental to everything we do at Carluccio’s. They’ve become good friends of ours over the years and just as they help us, we do our best to support them. Often these producers run very small vineyards and we are their only buyers outside of Italy. As a result our visits are full of long lunches and late drinks that go (on and on) into the evening! Unsurprisingly we love every minute of it.


The history of wine in this region goes back years and years – some say until the Bronze Age. Today Veneto is one of the foremost wine-producing zones, for both quality and quantity. The three most celebrated DOCs are Bardolino, Valpolicella and Soave. Other highly acclaimed wines produced here are the light sparkling Prosecco and the rich, full bodied red called Amarone. All of them are delicious and deserve their great reputations.


Our favourite wines from the trip will be celebrated in our Festa del Vino Veneto, running until the end of July. Mike and our head chef have spent (long!) liquid lunches playing with food and wine combinations. The wine sold in our food shop is versatile and pairs well with barbecues, picnics and home-cooked meals. The wines in our caffes have been specifically chosen to work well with what we’re serving on the day. If you fancy trying something new, our weekly ‘specials’ boards reveal some stand-out Venetian wines that we’re very proud to share with you. Salute!




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