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Visiting our Italian Producers


Whilst these trips have become habitual they are by no means routine. They’re still one of the highlights of the year for us as they allow team members to spend time together whilst enjoying Italy in situ.

This year’s wine trip focused on our Sardinian wine producer. Rather than choosing names from a hat, we pick team members who have proven a dedicated interest in the product. It’s very important to us to always encourage enthusiasm and we think that this is a nice incentive. This year’s wine trip was really successful and our budding wine enthusiasts have come back laden with information and new ‘discoveries’, which they’re all vying to get on the special’s board. Needless to say our wine expert is playing his cards close to his chest!

Highlights of the trip obviously included lots of good food and wine. Our wine producers were wonderful hosts and treated the team to all the local specialities (one after the other, after the other!) The food in Sardinia is breathtaking. It’s certainly a hungry man’s paradise. Stand-out dishes included stuffed octopus, roasted suckling pig known as “Su Porcheddu”, bottarga and sea urchin tossed pasta, pecorino and ‘sebadas’ - fried, cheese-filled, sweet pastries. Of course, this was all off-set by beautiful wines. The winery was established in 1960 and lies a few miles from the dazzling beaches and white sand dunes of Porto Pino.  Since the arrival of wine expert Giacomo Tachis, ancient winemaking tradition has been coupled with the use of state-of-the-art technology in the sectors of vinification, stabilization. As a result, and with the passion of a dedicated team, a very real sense of tradition, culture, taste, style and history comes out in these delicious wines. We look forward to sharing them with you on our specials boards in the New Year!


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