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Summer in a Bottle


Both of these oils are extra virgin standard, which the Italians classify as ‘liquid gold’. To appreciate the quality and flavour of extra virgin oil, it’s best to enjoy it as a condiment. If you cook with it, you can lose the beautiful rounded flavour... such a waste. We think the lemon oil is delicious with salads, drizzled over fish, chicken and carpaccio or simply served with al dente pasta and a sprinkling of parmesan. The chilli oil, rather than adding a citrusy lightness to a dish, lifts it with a kick of heat. We think it’s outstanding with tomato sauces, meat marinades, roasted or grilled vegetables – food that will benefit from a hint of spiciness.

The back-story to these oils lies in the southern region of Italy where citrus groves are prevalent and chillies bask in the heat of the southern sun. Both oils start their lives in Calabria and the olives, chillies and lemons are all local. For the lemon oil, the lemons are introduced in the initial stages of the olive pressing and are pressed alongside the olives. Each bottle contains at least 2 lemons. While some lemon oil producers add dried lemon during the latter stages of the process, we believe our way is the purest method - the lemon skins are literally squeezed dry of their zesty flavour.

Contrastingly, we infuse our chilli oil with dried, crushed chillies after the pressing (each bottle contains at least 1kg of olives) and then filter it before adding a whole chilli. This allows us to get the perfect degree of heat so it packs a feisty punch but doesn’t have you weeping into your food!

Both oils are very unique and utterly delicious so feel free to pop into our food shops to experience them first-hand. The deli-staff will be more than happy to help you to a chunk of fresh ciabatta to dip!


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