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Working towards a more sustainable future

Carluccio's have joined the Sustainable Restaurant Association

Carluccio's joined the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2010 as a founding member. By making changes to the way we behave as a business, we strive to improve both the social and environmental impact of our operations. We achieved our first sustainability star in 2011, a second in early 2013 and have since achieved the maximum 3 star rating. Whilst we are immensely proud of achieving 3 star status, the hard work continues!

Reducing the tonnage sent to landfill

Waste Management

Over the last year as a group we have recycled 78.3% of our waste. That means around 3,400 fewer tonnes of waste to landfill, which is equivalent to 1,000 fully loaded double decker buses. If we parked those double decker buses end to end, they'd all stretch from our Covent Garden caffé the way to our Richmond caffé - over 9 miles! We won't achieve zero to landfill any time soon, because we don't always have control over how waste is managed, particularly where our branches are in shopping centres, but we're on our way.

We have also concluded an agreement with Convert2Green for all of our waste cooking oil to be converted to bio fuel. We aim to make a carbon saving of 92.7 tonnes in the first year by using this service.

Sustainable fish sourcing

Sustainable Fish

In close consultation with the Marine our Conservation Society (MCS) and our fish supplier, we have removed fish from menu which the MCS rates as 5, and concluded an agreement with our seafood supplier that focuses on fish rated 1-3 for the future.

For more information on the MCS rating scheme, visit their website at We have also signed up to the Sustainable Fish City pledge that is aiming for London to become the first even sustainable fish city, aiming to make significant progress in time for the 2012 Olympics.

A long journey - but we are determined to get there

Sustainable policies can be a big challenge for a business like ours.  Apart from  anything else, we wouldn't be authentically Italian if we didn't source a lot of our products from Italy, but we will look at all the areas where we can improve without compromising who we are.

For more information on the SRA, visit their website at To contact us with any questions regarding sustainability, e-mail us at


Good Food Talks

Good Food Talks

Carluccio's has become the first restaurant group to join a new app that aims to revolutionise the dining experience for the visually impaired.

Using location-tracking technology, the Good Food Talks app works by displaying the users’ nearest dining outlets that have signed up to the scheme. Users can then choose to access the menu in whichever format is most convenient to their needs.