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I Libri

Antonio's Books

Antonio has written thirteen best-selling books to date. We stock several of them in our on-line shop and in our foodshops. They're all very personal, inspirational and indispensible to anyone who loves Italy's food and wants to know how to cook it at home, with style. His latest book, written in conjunction with old friend and sparring partner Gennaro Contaldo, is called 'Two Greedy Italians' and will arrive in our shops shortly just in advance of the BBC 2 TV series that goes with it. 

Two Greedy Italians - Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo:

Over 30 years ago Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo separately left their native Italy for Britain where, in time, they met, worked together and established themselves as leading authorities on Italian cooking.  In this compelling book the two old friends have embarked upon an amazing journey back to their homeland to reconnect with their culinary heritage, explore past and current traditions and reveal the very soul of Italian gastronomy.  Containing over 100 mouthwatering recipes, this extraordinary book goes beyond the cliches to reveal real Italian food.  It includes an intriguing combination of classic dishes and ingredients as well as others showcasing the changes in style and influences that have become a part of today's Italy.  Reflecting the insights of both men into Italy then and now, Two Greedy Italians captures the essence of its authors - their humour, their wisdom, their curiosity and, most significantly, their shared passion for good, simple food. 


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Antonio Carluccio's Simple Cooking

is a distillation of a lifetime of passion, full of Antonio's firm belief that cooking, whether for oneself or for family and friends, is one of the most loving of human skills.  The recipes included in the book are all very easy to cook, perfect for those with little experience or who are short of time.  Throughout the book there are clever suggestions for how to 'upgrade' a basic recipe, alongside ingenious ideas for using up leftovers.  These are Antonio's favourite recipes, illustrated with fabulous photography from Alastair Hendy and including several step-by-step sequences.


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Antonio Carluccio's Italia

is a celebration of the regional gastronomy of Italy - essential reading for anyone with a genuine interest in Italian food.  Antonio weaves together vital information on each region's character and culinary traditions with valuable insights into cheeses, wines and speciality dishes.


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Carluccio's Complete Italian Food

is of course written by one of the greatest authorities on the subject.  It contains over 200 recipes and is illustrated with more than 300 colour photographs. 


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The Complete Mushroom Book: The Quiet Hunt

is where you will find over 100 mouth-watering recipes that make the most of readily available mushrooms in dishes ranging from classic to contemporary.  Antonio's expertise in mushrooms is unrivalled, and this book will not disappoint. 


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