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NEW PRODUCT!!!  Panettone alle Clemente:  New & exclusive to Carluccio’s. Working with our long-standing panettone producers, we have created a panettone with the ultimate Christmas flavours of Clementine’s and dark chocolate. Using the same dough base as our Tradizionale & Cioccolato panettone, this is studded with candied clementine pieces & generously covered in dark chocolate. Break open the panettone for the zesty citrus aroma.  ..
Best Traditional Panettone 2021 – Awarded by Good Housekeeping Panettone Tradizionale: Light and delicate sponge made with plenty of butter dried fruit, candied peel & coated in a hazelnut glaze. ​ Our producers, Signora Audasso and Signor Minetti, have been working with Carluccio’s for over 20 years. They only produce panettone from September to December. So, we couldn’t get it all year even if we..
  NEW PRODUCT!!  Vegan Panettone ​ Il Dolce di Natale Vegan The traditional Italian Christmas cake, Panettone, made to a vegan recipe. Made in Milan, filled with Calabrian candied orange peel and sultanas. Delivering all the wonderful flavours and festive delight of traditional panettone.   We tried ​numerous Vegan options before settling on this recipe. It is really good   Ingredients..
A panettone made in Veneto, where Prosecco is made. A soft cake piped with a prosecco enriched custard filling!
Studded with candied lemon rind, piped with a limoncello flavoured custard cream and iced with delicious white chocolate.
Moist and buttery, our Panettone al Cioccolato is enriched with milk & dark chocolate pieces and iced with a hazelnut glaze.
A new panettone like no other, piped with an inebriating Spritz filling and covered with a thick, dark chocolate topping.
A moist and airy sponge made with butter, candied peel and sultanas and finished with a crunchy hazelnut icing.


Panettone is the star of Christmas both in Italy and at Carluccio’s!

Pane in Italian simply means bread. That’s why so many of our cakes have PAN- in their name, and why we always say that a panettone is “part bread, part cake”.

Italians are all very proud of their regional traits and fiercely protective of local food traditions. Yet Panettone has managed to overcome regional boundaries to become the truly national cake.

Our Italian Bakers only make Panettone between September & December, so even if we wanted to stock it all year round, we can’t!

NOW 40% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE   Traditional Easter cake baked in the shape of a Dove.  Made with the same dough as our famous panettone. The Colomba is studded with milk & dark chocolate pieces. Topped with a hazelnut icing, whole almonds & sugar nibs. In the 1930’s, a bakery in Milan wanted to offer..