Italian food treasures every foodie should try part 2

Famous Sweet Treats

Let's not forget the sweet stuff! As well as carb-loaded savoury foods, Italians also appreciate the comfort of a delicious sweet treat. Here are some of their best offerings...

8. Cannoli siciliana
These are delectable Italian pastries which originally came from Sicily. They’re tubes of fried dough filled with sweet, creamy goodness and are often made with ricotta.

9. Pastiera Napoletana
This is a traditional, Neapolitan tart made by families at Easter time. It’s usually made of ricotta cheese, eggs, wheat and orange flower water, but each Italian family has their own specific way of making it.

10. Panettone (Christmas sweet)
This delightfully sweet bread from Milan is usually made over the Christmas period. It usually contains raisins, candied fruit, citrus and vanilla. Yum!

11. Cantucci/BiscottiThese are traditional sweet biscuits made with almonds that are often served up with a sweet wine after a big meal. They’re dry, crunchy and oblong-shaped and are perfect for dipping in coffee.

13. Gelato!
How could we talk about Italian treasures without mentioning ice cream? All over Italy, you’ll find gelato shops with the most mouth-watering ice cream you’ve ever laid eyes on. Rich, creamy and undeniably good, you simply can’t go to Italy without treating yourself to a cone or two.

14. Tiramisu
And finally, we have a classic Italian dessert enjoyed all around the world, the infamous coffee-infused Tiramisu. Take some ladyfingers, dip them in coffee and marsala and combine with thick, whipped cream and you’ve got a basic tiramisu.

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