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Escape the blues in Italy this Autumn

Escape the blues in Italy this Autumn

It’s time to dust off those winter boots and bring out your cosiest winter fleeces as summer has well and truly come to an end. But fear not, there’s lots to look forward to as the colder months approach. And if you’re looking to escape the drizzly English landscape, then there is no better destination than Italy in the autumn.

Italy’s temperature in the fall season is a welcoming change for those who find the soaring degrees unbearable during the summer. The air is warm, but not too sticky, and the heat varies according to which area of the country you are visiting. The North will offer cooler temperatures, while the south will still be reaching 20 degrees as late as November. Sunlight will be at a constant, covering the lands in a beautiful autumnal hue, a far cry from Britain’s bleak scenery during the same months.

As expected, tourist crowds will have died down at this point, meaning you can explore many sights and beaches to yourself. Although you won’t find many people swimming, that’s not to say the water isn’t warm enough. Head down to Puglia or Sicily for a dip, or just take in the beach views whilst there’s no one around.

Sagra festivals begin to pop up everywhere in the autumn, which celebrate a local food or wine according to each area or village. These range from mushroom, fish, truffle and even a potato sagra that will certainly give you a true Italian food experience unlike what you may fall prey to during the summer time tourist rush. Check out the Sagra e dintorni website here to see which culinary delight is being celebrated in each area.

There are also many other holidays and traditions to enjoy in Italy during the autumn. All Saints Day is held on November 1, and Opera theatre season begins when summer is over. Cultural events kick off during this time, so why not book a trip to coincide with a world famous film festival, like the one in Rome, or Bologna’s Jazz Festival in October and November?

Barolo, Fontanafredda 75cl


One of Italy’s greatest wines. This is an intense wine with perfumed ‘roses’ on the nose and well balanced ripe tannin.


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Peak Harvest time in Italy is during the Fall months. You will have your juiciest grapes, and tastiest olives during this season, and inevitably, better wine from the vineyards. That being said, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the delights of a vineyard and wine tasting tour that can be taken in most parts of the Italian countryside.

At Carluccio’s, we have been celebrating our own mushroom sagra with a variety of mushroom based seasonal dishes, and pop up mushroom markets nationwide, to give you a flavour of autumnal Italy. We also have some of Italy’s best wine and olive oil for you to enjoy all year round, so pop in to a store near you to sample the delights. Who knows, maybe in a month or two you could be picking the grapes to help make our wines in a vineyard in Verona…



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