Training is our thing

It's why our team always take the time to travel to Italy each November to pick the olives and learn how our “Olio Novello” is made. It's why we have built a state of the art training academy in Islington and why we have so many success stories of our people growing in the business.

The training academy

Our commitment to our people to learn and develop is second to none, so much so we have invested in a Training Academy. You’ll find our state of the art Training Academy above our Upper Street, Islington restaurant.

The training kitchen can accommodate up to 12 chefs at a time and since its launch over 400 chefs have attended courses so far.

We’re very proud of our video linked classrooms and training kitchen as no team member will ever miss out on the action in the kitchen as they can watch training sessions live using our internet-based video technology that allows courses and modules to be broadcast directly to Carluccio’s restaurants in the UK and overseas.

We can offer the best in-class development and training to our team at all levels with over 500 courses being run annually ranging from Master classes in our food, to new menu launches to Management skills development courses.

Chef School

Our collaboration with Westminster Kingsway College began in 2003 and for the past 10 years it’s been going from strength to strength. We’ve been sending 12 students on each course run – that’s an amazing 200 students who have attended so far. Our ongoing commitment to our chef development continues and now our chefs have the opportunity to achieve their NVQ Level 1 qualification. Those that go on this 12 week internally run course will learn new skills or enhance ones they already have as they will cover the basics of cooking, to the art of making risotto to making grissini sticks. The course ends with the chefs cooking a sumptuous 3 course Italian feast for invited guests of Carluccio’s and Westminster Kingsway College where they get to show off the skills they have learnt and receive their certificate of achievement.

With great pride we can say that this internally run course is enhancing the skill set of our chefs and is a major part of their development and progression.



The “Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners” is the very prestigious Culinary School for professional Chefs whose headquarters are located in the Castle of Costigiole d’Asti, a small town amidst the most beautiful hills of Monferrato in Piemonte.

Since 2007, we have been sending 10 chefs each year to the institute to immerse themselves in the region, the cooking and the culture of Piemonte. The chefs chosen to attend have been carefully chosen based on their performance in their kitchens over the prior year and have shown skill and enthusiasm for their food, their team and the overall running of their kitchens. For 2 solid weeks our chefs are cooking in the professional kitchen where their days is broken down into cooking local dishes, to having the opportunity to cook with local chefs who have gained Michelin star status as well as visiting historic producers such as Parmigiano-Reggiano to small local artisan producers. Needless to say the chefs return back to the UK with new recipes and insight into Italian food.