Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, 250ml – Intense & thick balsamic vinegar for use on special recipes



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Our highest quality balsamic vinegar, matured in oak barrels, and aged through fifteen barrel passages. This process forms a dense, thick, syrupy and silky like texture. This Balsamic needs to be tasted as it is and should never be used in cooking, use it raw as a condiment only! Truly wonderful

Perfect for…

•an accompaniment to beef, grilled steak or carpaccio
•Cheese, spectacular with its local friend Parmigiano Reggiano
•Smoked Fish
•Finishing Risotto
•Drizzle over grilled asparagus
•Fruit. Try with Strawberries and even watermelon
•Even desserts, great ice cream or panna cotta.
•Enjoy a tablespoon after a meal as a digestif.

Density: 1.35

Acidity: 6%