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An trio of antipasti


The producers of these wonderful Puglian artichokes in extra virgin oil take great pride in the process from field to jar. Following traditional Apulian recipes to bring an authentic product of the region to your table. Enriched with aromas of bay laurel and pepper that enhance the natural flavour of the artichoke. 

The contents of this beautiful and tactile jar start life from a fresh and freshly harvested product, to offer the best part of the artichoke, it’s heart. Rich in nutrients and mineral salts, with many beneficial properties. 

Perfect as part of antipasti with aperitivo, or as a twist to a salad. 

Peperoncini in Olio.

Peperoncino is is the general Italian name for chilli pepper. In the italian kitchen, peperoncini are generally used in moderation to add depth of flavour to dishes.

Use for seasoning in pasta dishes, also great as part of an antipasti plate even for use in a panini.

Sundried tomatoes

These sundried tomatoes are prepared in the traditional Apulian way and conserved in organic extra virgin olive oil. 

A strong and distinctive flavour makes for a versatile ingredient in any kitchen. Ideal as part of an antipasti plate, as in intense ingredient for pasta sauces or with salads that include soft cheeses.