Caputo Pizzeria “00” Flour 1kg



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When it comes to making Neapolitan pizza, Caputo Pizzeria is the gold standard. This Tipo “00” flour is high in protein and ideal for making slow rise pizza dough that will be baked at the high temperatures of your Ooni oven.

Caputo Pizzeria is the flour of choice for pizzaioli in Napoli because of the light, airy cornicione this flour produces, and the deep flavour that results from the long fermentation process.

This flour is perfect for classic Neapolitan dough, producing a light, soft, perfectly risen crust with a hearty flavor profile.

12.5% protein



Wheat, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin

Allergy advice, see ingredients in bold. 

May contain traces of Soya, mustard