Carluccio’s Advent Calendar



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Pre order our exclusive, limited edition 2021 Luxury Advent Calendar.  Filled with Italian sweets, treats, Aperitivo’s and spirits

This years advent calendar (Worth £130) is the ultimate pre Christmas gift for someone special or as a self-love treat.

Delivery will be end of November.  

 We are on a mission to make everything we do more sustainable but we need your help. This years advent calendar is made to keep, so you can refill with different Carluccio’s products next year or find a reason to upcycle.

Contents below – Please don’t peak if you want to be surprised!


Advent Calendar Contents

Arancini Starlino 1 x 100ml

Tea Towel Limone x 1

Tea Towel arancia x 1

Maracschino porcelain spoon x 1

Ciappe 140g x 1

Franklin and Sons tonic 1 x 200ml

Starlino rosso 1 x 100ml

Giandiuotti Fondenti 1 x100g

Giandiuotti Gold 1 x 100g

Tarali Snack pack 1 x 35g

Barbera choc Neapolitan’s 1 x 65g

Limone Torrone 1 x 150g

Choc Dipped Grissini 1 x 30g

Maraschino Cherries 2 x 42g

Stambecco 1 x 50ml

Franklin and Sons tonic 1 x 200ml

Basil pesto 180g and tin toms 1 x 210g

Prosecco 1 x 20cl

Torcetti sugared 1 x 25g

Olive Oil 1 x 100ml

Malfy Gin 1 x 5cl

Negroni 1 x 100ml

Stelline stars 180g e

Rose Starlino 1 x 100ml