Per la Cucina for the kitchen pantry, minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour

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Stock Your Larder with Italian Essentials A delicious selection of some of our most loved pantry items, ideal to keep...


Stock Your Larder with Italian Essentials

A delicious selection of some of our most loved pantry items, ideal to keep in the kitchen cupboard and help make mealtimes a lot more Italian, a little more special.

This offer includes:

1 x Ragù Di Cinghale, Wild Boar Ragu 

A very traditional and much loved Wild Board Ragù, made with only Tuscan wild boar. Slowly cooked with tomato, red wine, Italian herbs & juniper, to create something that is truly authentic and traditional. 

1 x Carluccio's 'Nduja - Spicy Salami Spread, 180g

Pronounced “en-doo-ya”, ’Nduja is made with local Calabrian chillies and pork mixed with herbs and spices. An incredibly versatile ingredient that can add a rich depth of spiciness & flavour to many dishes. It adds different dimension to tomato sauces or stews, and it works particularly well in a tomato sauce with ground pork mince and fennel seeds.

Dollop on pizza before cooking, place inside a homemade burger, or use to stuff chicken or squid tubes. Even spread a layer in a classic cheese toastie…

1 x Carluccio's Sugo alle Vongole - Clam & Tomato Sauce, 180g

Made in Calabria with a simple and delicious recipe of tomatoes and clams, with a little kick of chilli. A perfect sauce to make Spaghetti alle Vongole in Rosso, try pairing with our squid ink spaghetti for an extra special dish. 

1 x Carluccio's L'oro di Calabria Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml

Made solely from Carolea olives grown on centenary trees in Calabria, handpicked and cold pressed within hours of harvest. Intense, green and fruity with typical Mediterranean aromas. Notes of tomato and fresh grass stand out, sensations of black pepper characterise the flavour of this unique and intense oil. Its texture is fluid, whilst its taste is round and full, ending in a rich aftertaste of almonds, chilli pepper and citrus.

Perfect with cooked vegetables, salads, grilled red meats, fish, soups & of course paired with Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP.

1 x Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, 250ml - Mature, full bodied balsamic vinegar

Mature, full bodied balsamic vinegar from Modena. Aged through nine oak barrel passages. This balsamic vinegar is the perfect blend of sweet and sharp

Perfect for roast meat, game, grilled fish, shellfish, grilled vegetables, opulent dressings and marinades, salads or, as we do in our or restaurants, combine with extra virgin olive oil for dipping. 

Allergens: contains Sulphites.

1 x Spaghetti al Nero Sepia 500g

Made with cuttlefish ink, this delicious durum wheat pasta evokes memories of dinner by the sea. Perfect with seafood, fish-based pasta sauces like our Sugo alle Vongole – Clam & Tomato Sauce, 180g or with fresh clams to make Spaghetti Vongole with a difference.

1 x Bucatini al Bronzo, 500g

Made from 100% Durum Wheat, this pasta is like spaghetti but thicker, and with a hole through the middle. Bucatini’s origins are in the region of Lazio, and particularly around Roma. 

Carefully packaged and presented in one of our stylish Carluccio's FSC approved branded gift hampers.