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Casal di Serra, Umani Ronchi 75cl



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Intense and fruity single vineyard 100% Verdicchio with a crisp finish. This Verdicchio is dry yet intensely fruity – a great match for fish, grilled white meats or cheese.

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Abruzzo is made up of vast areas of protected national parks, making its landscapes some of the most beautiful and greenest in Italy. The picturesque contrast between the Adriatic coastline in the east and the Apennines in the west allows for a diverse and vibrant agricultural ecosystem. The result is some of the most unique and authentic cuisine in Italy.
Lamb is the king of the region, with arrosticini being lamb skewers traditionally roasted over an open fire. Abruzzo is also home to salame ventricina, a salami made with coarsely-chopped pork, pepper and fennel seeds.
The region's rugged terrain and mountainous peaks create the perfect climate for vineyards. Witness the world-famous Montepulciano wines within the Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) classification.

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GRAPE VARIETIES : 100% Verdicchio
CLOSURE : Natural cork

Carnaroli rice 1kg


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