Cena in Inverno – A Winter’s Dinner



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Gift a hearty, comforting winters meal for four the Christmas…

Ragu di Chianina, Tuscan beef ragu made from protected IGP Chianina cows twins with our Trottole al Bronzo where the sauce and meat intertwines with every coil! Drizzle with our Coratina extra virgin olive oil to finish, but remember the Parmiggiano Reggiano or even a good Pecorino. 

Washed down with a classic. Chianti DOCG, Castellani that works so well with flavoursome ragu’s

Packed with love in one of our FSC approved gift hampers 

  • Ragu Di Chianina – Tuscan Beef Sauce, 210g x 2 
  • Trottole al Bronzo – Durum wheat pasta 500g
  • Chianti DOCG, Castellani. 75cl
  • Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml – Puglia