Cioccolatini alla Ciliegia – Cherry Liqueur Chocolates, 150g



SKU: 6bar002


Cioccolatini alla Ciliegia Liqueur soaked cherries covered in dark chocolate.

Whole cherries soaked in liqueur soaked, covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate to keep all the moisture in. 

Davide Barbero is one of our oldest and most legendary suppliers, working from his converted townhouse in Alba, he produces confectionery and packs them in these beautiful tins inspired by the companies packaging at the turn of the 20th century.

Barbero has a long history with Carluccio’s. In fact it was by chance that Antonio was having coffee in a Caffe in Alba, that the owner presented a slice of local Torronfette (a brittle, crunchy nougat) with his espresso. Impressed by the quality, Antonio immediately went about meeting the owner and from there the relationship was born.