Clemente in Camicia – Candied Clementine Pieces in Dark Chocolate, 150g



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Clemente in Camicia  – Soft & juicy candied clementine segments twice coated in dark chocolate. 

Clemente In Camicia simply translates to “clementine’s in shirts”.

Calabrian Clementines are picked from a local farm and cold candied, whole, in a process that takes up to 20 days where the syrup in changed several times to reach desired sugar content and keep all the juices within the fruit. They are then stored in large jars and then cut in segments, only when orders are placed, and coated in double chocolate layer “or Camicia – shirt” to keep the juiciness in.

Bite into one through the thick layer of chocolate and you’ll find a perfect cross section of a clementine. With its thin skin, and juicy centre. These really are something else, simply perfetto.





Known as the ‘toe’ of the ‘boot’ of the country, Calabria is the most southern region of mainland Italy. Its unusual mix of Mediterranean coastline and mountainous environments means it has high temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter. Coupled with great hillside settings it creates the perfect climate for growing olives.

The summery heat allows for very hot chillies to grow, contributing to the most famous product of the region, nduja. This is a spicy chilli and pork fat spread which is usually smeared over toasted Italian bread.

No longer associated with the old influences of the Mafiosa, Calabria has been become an authentic, vibrant and bustling region of Italy.