Collezione di Carne – Meat Sauce and Pasta Collection



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The perfect collection of our Meat sauces from Tuscany with some perfetto pasta matches. 

Ragu di Cinghiale –  Wild boar ragu made with only Tuscan wild boar. Slowly cooked with tomato, red wine, Italian herbs & juniper. Contains a minimum of 51% wild boar meat. We’ve chosen here to twin with our Trottole al Bronzo pasta where the pasta captures the sauce in every coil. Finish with a glug of our Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a big helping of Parmiggiano Reggiano. 

Ragu di Chianina – A rich, lean beef ragu with 50% meat content. Chianina is a native breed of cow typical of Tuscany with IGP status as used in the famous Florentine steak. Paired here with our Lumaconi Gigante. Meaning “large snails” these large open shells are coloured with all natural ingredients and are the perfect carrier for any of our meat sauces.  Excellent for pasta al Forno.

Ragu di Carne – Slow cooked, Tuscan meat ragu made with coarsely ground and locally reared beef & pork with the addition of chicken livers as per our producers Nonna’s recipe. Goes well with Penne Regine and a healthy grating Parmesan

And Finally…

Sugo all’Amatriciana – From the ancient Roman recipe. A slow cooked sauce of sautéed pancetta, tomatoes and onion. Paired, as per Roman tradition, with our Bucatini al Bronzo – thick spaghetti with a hole. Generously grate over some Pecorino Romano and warn Dad to be careful with those big twirls of pasta, this meal can get messy! In a good way…