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Due Sorelle – Sardinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50cl



Product Code: 40653

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil made from tonda di cagliari, bosana and semidana olives. A fruity oil with a satisfying peppery taste.

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The island of Sardinia is separate to the Italian mainland in more ways than the obvious. It only became part of Italy in 1861, and occupiers over the ages have all left their mark on its culture and cuisine. Bread is a favourite of the islanders, probably more so than in the mainland. There are hundreds of types, each particular to a region or town. As home to 4 million sheep, it's no surprise that cheese-making is highly prized. Sardinia makes about 80% of Italy's pecorino, the hard sheep's milk cheese. Slow cooking is a particular speciality, with risottos, stews and spit-roasted pork all favourites in a land of shepherds.

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100% extra virgin olive oil.
Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

How to use

Use this oil with any ragu sauce for gnocchetti, with lamb ragu or tomato sauce.