Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection

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Three new single variety olive oils from Puglia. What does “single variety” mean? Simply that it isn’t blended with other olive varieties, and has the true taste of that one “single variety”

We have three great varieties, each with their own characteristics. 


Ogliarola: Literally meaning “Olives for Oil”. Bold fruit flavour & buttery smooth Delicate tones of wild herbs and almond with hints of white fruit and unripe tomato. Excellent on raw and grilled fish, salads and steamed vegetables.

Coratina: Intense fruit flavour, slightly bitter with spicy notes. Twins perfectly with white meat dishes, salads and vegetables.

NocellaraRich, robust & complex with hints of aubergines and unripe tomatoes, this oil is excellent on salads, steamed vegetables, fish, soups and meat dishes.

Fun fact, Puglia “The heel of the boot” has around 60 million olive trees, and the oldest arboreal landscapes in existence, with some trees over 2000 years old. It produces 40% of Italy’s Olive Oil & 12% of the worlds olive oil. Wow!