Fortissimo – The Strong Box



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Fortissimo simply means “very strong” and this box is packed with strong chilli flavours from the South of Italy, from the toe and the heel of the boot, Calabria and Puglia. 

‘Nduja – Spreadable Pork Salami from Calabria. 

Olio al Peperoncino – Chilli oil with a marriage of Pugliese extra virgin olive oil & chillies grown, and dried, under the Calabrese sunshine…

Bio Orto, Peperoncino Bio In Olio – Organic Chilli Peppers in Oil. Perfect addition of heat to any recipe you make…
Sugo All’Arrabiatta – Spicy Tomato Sauce. Arrabbiatta  means “angry” due to it’s spice!
Galletti sei Sapori – Coloured Durum Wheat Pasta. Perfect with the Arrabbiata sauce, where it clings to all the ridges