Il Paio – The Pair

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The perfect pairing! North, marries with the South. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP & Single Variety Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia.  

Perfect for dressings, marinades or just for good old dipping with a big chunk of crusty bread. 

Olio Extra Virgine D’Olivia, Coratina – 500ml

Single variety (monocultivar) Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia. 

This oil has an intense fruit flavour, with slightly bitter with spicy notes. It twins perfectly with white meat dishes, salads and vegetables

Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP – 250ml

Mature, full bodied balsamic vinegar

Aged through nine oak barrel passages. This balsamic is the perfect blend of sweet and sharp

Perfect for…

•Roast meat, and works well particularly well with game.
•Grilled fish such as Tuna
•Shellfish, drizzle over barbequed prawns…
•Grilled Vegetables
•Opulent dressings and marinades
•Or as we do or restaurants, combine with extra virgin olive oil for dipping

Presented in a Carluccio’s FSC Hamper Box