La Collezione di Fichi – Carluccio’s Fig Collection



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A stunning gift box containing all things Fig!!

From Alba, Piemonte our original and much loved Confittura di Fichi, Fig Jam. From the same supplier sourced by Antonio himself 25 years ago.

From Calabria, and renowned fig specialist Roberto Aloisio come the Carluccio’s favourites Fichi Ricoperti & Fichi al Rhum. For the Fichi Ricoperti using only the local Dottato figs, known for the sumptuous flesh and tiny seeds (you don’t even know they are there) Roberto personally selects the figs in September then gets to works drying them in the sun. These are then rehydrated, stuffed with candied orange peel and walnuts, before being coated in dark chocolate. They are they placed in a hand woven basket, made by one of the last basket makers in Calabria. Roberto uses these same ingredients to make Fichi al Rhum, the difference being the ingredients are ground down and fed, rather generously, with rum. Cooled in and set in large blocks, then trimmed down in to the bar shape (or ingot’s as he calls them) and coated in dark chocolate. 

Last, but by no means least, is a true delight that has been a Carluccio’s favourite since it first arrived in 2017. Hailing from Consenza, Calabria you have Fichi  con Ciliegie al Rhum. These are rum soaked candied cherries, stuffed inside a fig and then coated in dark chocolate. Simply stunning…


Gift box contains 


  • Confittura di Fichi – Fig Jam from Alba, 340g
  • Fichi Ricoperti – Chocolate Coated Figs, 180g
  • Fichi al Rhum – Fig & Rum Bar Coted in Dark Chocolate, 200g
  • Fichi con Ciliegie al Rhum – Rum soaked figs stuffed with cherries, coated in dark chocolate, 200g


Wrapped and ribboned in one of our luxurious gift boxes.