Limited Edition Advent Calendar



Product Code: X46001

The Must-have Advent Calendar is here!

Start off the Christmas Season with 24 great gifts from Santa’s Mini Carlucccio’s Store!


Please get in touch with us if you want to find out more about this product. Inside you will find a selection of our best products including: panettone, marmellata di clementine, olio al tartufo bianco, tartufi neri, limoncello di sorrento tartufi al cappuccino, amaretti tradizionali, cinghiale, gianduiotti fondenti, crema di olive nere, porcini, risotto con funghi e tartufi, torcetti classici, baci di dama, confettura di fichi, biscotti all'albicocca, aceto balsamico di modena i.g.p, le due sorelle, masserini, pesto di peperoncino, pandorino Veneto & gianduiotti

2 reviews

Unique gift (for yourself!)

Posted by Andrew Burnett on November 10, 2018

Last year’s calendar was awesome; a great way to try out some of the Carluccios range that you may not have tried. I always looked forward to opening the next day’s door as the food was Carluccios quality, albeit in much smaller sizes (sauces are half the size of the regular size for example). Great packaging and a great idea very well executed. Exact contents differed quite a bit from the photo, however.

The best

Posted by Jessy on November 7, 2018

Great adult advent calendar! I love the packaging and am so excited to open it up.


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