Limoncello di Sorrento 50cl



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Limoncello is a very traditional digestive from the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento in the South of Italy. Limoncello is made by soaking whole lemons (or the zest) in pure alcohol to extract the flavour. The mixture is strained and equal portions of sugar and water are added to create Limoncello. Served ice cold, Limoncello mixes the kick of the alcohol with the sharpness of the lemon and sweetness of the sugar.


Water, alcohol, sugar, zest of Sorrento Lemons I.G.P (min. 300g of lemon per litre of finished product)
30% vol

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Home to Naples, one of the largest cities in Italy, Campania is the third most populated region in the country. Located on the south-east Mediterranean coast, Campania is rich in food, architecture and Roman history.  One of the most iconic sites in the region is Mount Vesuvius, a volcanic peak that overlooks 3 million dwellers in Naples. To this day it is considered the most dangerous volcano on earth due to the shear number of inhabitants below it. Other than the famous ruined Roman city of Pompeii that has been left behind, the region is arguably home to one of the most widely eaten dishes in the world - Pizza. Naples has been regarded the birth place of pizza, innovating the basic focaccia by adding toppings which evolved into what we have today. With its green and luscious vegetation, light blue water, and  beaches; Campania is home to a number of small traditional towns that tell their own stories of Italy as you move along the coast.

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