Organic Sauces and Pasta Meal kit



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Dried Pasta and Organic Vegetarian Sauces Meal Kits – Makes approximately 10-12 plates . Save £2.95 buying as a set

  • Trofie Pasta 500g
  • Sugo All’Arrabiatta 350g
  • Penne Pasta 500g
  • Sugo All’Ortalana 350g
  • Orecchiette 500g
  • Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico

Sugo All’Arrabiatta: A classic tomato & chilli sauce is made to a traditional Italian recipe, with tomatoes ripened under the Puglian sun. With a gentle heat from local chillies, Arrabbiata means “angry”. Ideal with long pastas such as our Bucatini or here we have matched it with Trofie Pasta

Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: this rich sauce is made from handpicked tomatoes from Puglia and basil from Genova. A fantastically versatile sauce, brilliant on crostini, on its own with pasta, as a started for a tomato based sauce such as Amatriciana or can even be used as a luxurious pizza base. Delicious with Orecchiette Pasta.

Sugo All’Ortalana: Ortalana translates to “Greengrocer”. This is a sun kissed sauce with a medley of slow cooked vegetables. A great staple to have in the pantry. Works well with many pasta shapes, we recommend with Penne Regine and making Pasta al Forno, Pasta Bake.

Cooking Instructions: Please see Pasta and Sauce Sections or use information on pack.

Additional Items needed: Parmesan or Gran Padano Cheese for grating and freshly ground black pepper for taste.

Ingredients and Allergens: Please see Pasta and Sauce Sections or use information printed on each pack.