Panettone al Cioccolato & a bottle of Prosecco

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Panettone made with milk and dark chocolate pieces and iced with a hazelnut glaze, with a bottle of our Santa Sara prosecco. 


The panettone-making process beings every September (the exact date depends on the weather). Once the dough is made, it’s left to prove overnight before the chocolate is added. The mixture is then divided into the traditional paper cases and left for many hours to prove in a very warm room. The cakes are then baked in the oven, where they spend only a short time before being whipped out, turned upside down and left to cool. Being cooled upside down is what gives them their characteristic shape. They then head off to be hand-packed and sent on their journey to us.



Last ones till the end of the year, best before end of July. Get them before they’re gone!

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