Pasta e Sapori – Pasta & Sauce Gift Set



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The perfect collection of Pasta and Sauce. Make sure you’re there when the meals are made, all 3 of them…

Ragu di Cinghiale –  Wild boar ragu made with only Tuscan wild boar. Slowly cooked with tomato, red wine, Italian herbs & juniper. Contains a minimum of 51% wild boar meat. We’ve chosen here to twin with our Trottole al Bronzo pasta where the pasta captures the sauce in every coil. Finish with a glug of our Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a big helping of Parmiggiano Reggiano. 

Sugo alle Vongole – Made with tomatoes, Clams, white wine & with a little kick of Calabrian chilli. Paired here, naturally, with our Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia – Squid ink Spaghetti for a real taste of the Italian coastline. Don’t add cheese here, but consider a drizzle of our Olio al Limone for extra zing or Olio al Peperoncino for extra Calabrian heat.

And Finally…

Sugo all’Amatriciana – From the ancient Roman recipe. A slow cooked sauce of sautéed pancetta, tomatoes and onion. Paired, as per Roman tradition, with our Bucatini al Bronzo – thick spaghetti with a hole. Generously grate over some Pecorino Romano and warn Dad to be careful with those big twirls of pasta, this meal can get messy! In a good way…