Starlino Trio, 100ml bottles

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The perfect tasting set of the Hotel Starlino range. Makes an ideal gift for the budding home cocktail maker.

Three 100ml bottles; 1 Rosso Vermouth, 1 Arancione Aperitivo and 1 Rose Aperitivo

Rosso Vermouth: Italian sweet red Vermouth with notes of figs, cherries, orange peel and feint notes of gingerbread.

Made with wine from Piemonte, this is a sweet, rich Vermouth infused with natural botanicals including vanilla, rhubarb, ginger and bitter orange peel. All finished in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Serve over ice or as a part for Negroni

Rose: A complexly delicious Italian Aperitivo made with a blend of natural fruits, herbs and spices, including Italian pink grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, orange & lemon peel, with elderflower and coriander.

Wonderful for a spritz with and add one part Prosecco & one part soda over ice with a slice of fresh grapefruit

Arancione: A delectable Aperitivo made with a blend of natural fruits, herbs and spices including Italian orange peel, lemon peel and elderflower.

Serves as an excellently refreshing alternative to a Gin & Tonic, with less than half the alcohol. Serve over ice with premium tonic water and garnish with orange peel