The Perfect Risotto, Carnaroli Rice, Gli Aironi – 750g



SKU: 2gli006


In a decorative tin that illustrates the steps to a “Perfect Risotto”. An ideal gift for a lover of cooking, this high quality Carnaroli rice guarantees an optimal texture after cooking, which is a fundamental characteristic for guaranteeing an excellent risotto. Carnaroli rice, or the king of risotto rice as it’s known, is the perfect choice for making delicate risotto

The artisan stone husking by Gli Aironi guarantees the light dehusking of the grain, keeping intact the nutritional substances present in the external part of the rice, which are responsible for the unmistakable flavour of this rice.

The experience of five generations in rice cultivation has paid off best in the “Grange” area (surrounding agricultural land of Vercelli), where the Perinotti family has dedicated its efforts to improving farming conditions on our estate, the Tenuta Pracantone. gliAironi is, first and foremost, rice. Produced with respect for nature, with techniques that rely on the wisdom of tradition.