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A delightful collection of tinned tomatoes – these are not any tinned tomatoes – they are fresh and full of flavour – transform your meal with these exceptional tomatoes

Yellow Tin – Yellow peeled toms

Italianavera yellow peeled tomatoes in a tin have a distinctive elongated shape, and bright yellow flesh! They make a fun and unusual passata for pizza bases or tomato pasta sauce. Cultivated on the Sele plain, south of Naples, the tomatoes are sweetened by plenty of Italian sunshine. Plus, the stylish yellow tin will brighten up your cupboards before you even open them!

Use the yellow tomatoes to make a vibrant gazpacho soup, garnished with green basil leaves and a black olive tapenade. Or use them to make a homemade yellow tomato ketchup sauce by adding vinegar and sugar and reducing to a thick pouring consistency.

Ingredients: 100% Italian tomatoes

White tin – San Marzano

Italianavera DOP San Marzano peeled tomatoes are renowned for their thick flesh, sweet aromatic flavour and small number of seeds. These tinned tomatoes will transport you straight to an Italian cucina, where tomatoes ‘really taste of tomatoes’! Plus, the stylish tin looks good on your shelves.

Use these peeled tinned tomatoes to make an exceptional passata for pizza bases, or a rich and sweet pasta sauce. Serve simply with black olives, torn basil and black pepper, and let the flavour of these tomatoes speak for themselves.

Blue Tin – classic chopped tomatoes

Italianavera chopped tomatoes are peeled, chopped and then preserved in tomato sauce, letting that sweet flavour last even longer. These tinned tomatoes will transport you to Tuscany and have you dreaming of comforting pappa al pomodoro which you can rustle up in your own kitchen thanks to this stylish storecupboard tin.

Try using these vibrant tinned tomatoes as a base of pizza sauces by simmering with garlic and basil, adding to beans, carrots and cabbage for a hearty minestrone soup, or using as a base for a warming aubergine parmigiana. 

Ingredients: Chopped tomatoes, tomato juice.

Pink Tin – Spunzillo

Italianavera spunzillo tomatoes are oval shaped, with a distinctive tip, sweet flavour and juicy texture. Spunzillo is an ancient name farmers gave to Piennolo tomatoes harvested in the Vesuvian area of Italy. Here, they are immersed in juice which makes that freshly picked flavour last even longer. Try using these vibrant tomatoes (that come in an equally fun tin) in a variety of ways: 

  • Eat raw, sliced and served with creamy burrata
  • Simmer with garlic and basil for an easy homemade pizza sauce
  • Roughly chop and mix with garlic, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, then use to top toasted crunchy bread 
  • Can be used as an alternative to San Marzano tomatoes

In order to qualify as San Marzano DOP, tomatoes must be grown within a specific area surrounding Naples, where the fertile soil is drenched in sunshine.

Green tin -whole delicious Tomatoes

Italianavera traditional peeled tomatoes are a selection of the best Italian long tomatoes, processed within a few hours of being picked, then immersed in a delicate sauce, allowing the freshness to last even longer. 

Have fun using these peeled tomatoes in a variety of exciting ways, from simmering with spices and adding eggs for a vibrant shakshuka, to using as the base of a speedy tomato sauce, or even try making your own ketchup! Plus, this stylish tin will add a pop of sunshine yellow to your kitchen shelves.

Ingredients: Traditional peeled tomatoes, tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid.