Tre Oli – Three Oils (Coming Soon)

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A great gift for a cook. These three flavoured olive oils are the secret to delivering fuss-free, flavoursome dishes. The garlic oil produced in Sardegna is perfect on bruschetta. The chilli oil from Emilia-Romagna adds heat to pasta and pizza and the lemon oil, milled in Calabria, is ideal on summer salads, grilled fish or as a marinade for chicken. BBE 31/12/18 

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Biscotti Tin


These delicious Tuscan biscotti aremade by Tommaso & his brother.

The apricot has 50% fruit, the cocoa has huge chunks of rich dark chocolate and the pistachio bursts with the flavour of the nuts & white chocolate.

Wrapped individually and the tin adds that Carluccio’s sparkle.