Tuscan Tree, Non Alcoholic Aperitivo, 70cl



SKU: 82010


Tuscan Tree is a high quality Aperitivo, 0% alcohol by volume distilled spirit, infused with REAL Blood Orange juice and light flavours of REAL Italian Sparkling Wine. Made with a complex selection of spirited botanical distillates, removed of all alcohol.

Inspired by the Tuscan orchards of Italy…


With its refreshing, bittersweet flavour, Tuscan Tree works particularly well as a spritz, with a large measure topped up with either soda or tonic water and served in a large, ice-filled Copa glass and garnished with a wedge of orange.

Tuscan Tree also appeals to Negroni lovers, looking for a non-alcoholic alternative.
Tuscan Tree has mindful drinking values at its core and is vegan friendly and allergen free, with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. It is also low calorie, at 51kcal per 100ml serve when served with a light mixer.