Un Assagio di Toscana – A Taste of Tuscany



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A truly delightful gift hamper with all the very best to offer from our producers based in the beautiful region of Toscana. Something for a real foodie. 

We have Cantucci alla Mandorle, traditional Tuscan Biscotti with almonds. Paired with it’s traditional after dinner partner Vin Santo DOC, Barbi dessert wine for dipping.

Two classic meat sauces from a family run producer that only uses local produce. Ragu di Cinghiale, made with 51% Wild Boar meat and the delicious Ragu di Chianina, made only with beef from the IGP protected Chianina breed of cow.

From Siena come two Panforte, Bianco and Nero, with the classic christmassy spices associated with the stunning Medieval town. Panforte Bianco can be used even on a cheeseboard, and the Nero with cocoa goes deliciously with of Limited edition Siena Espresso blend of coffee. Thinly slice and enjoy with this coffee that evokes notes of citrus, almonds and sweets. 

Finally from Chianciano, just outside Siena we bring you Ricciarelli Toscani, using the original recipe of the owners Nonna – Grandmother. These popular Tuscan cakes made simply with coarsely ground almonds, egg whites & sugar. Baked at high temperature so they have a cracked, crunchy surface and soft, textured centre. Simply stunning… 

Wrapped, ribboned  and lovinlgly packed in one of stunning gift boxes

Full contents below 

  • Cantucci alla Mandorla – Classic Tuscan Biscotti with Almonds, 200g
  • 2013 Vin Santo DOC, Fattoria dei Barbi , 37.5cl (16% abv) 
  • Ragu Di Cinghale – Wild Boar Ragu, 210g
  • Ragu Di Chianina – Tuscan Beef Sauce, 210g
  • Panforte Bianco – Traditional Cake of Siena, 100g
  • Panforte Nero – Traditional Cake of Siena, 100g
  • Siena Espresso – Winter Limited Edition, 125g
  • Ricciarelli Toscani – Traditional Soft Almond Cakes from Tuscany, 200g