Tipping Policy

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We are proud of our ‘famiglia’ family culture in Carluccio’s which is based upon teamwork, respect and support. Everyone within our restaurant teams play a role in delivering our guests with the experience they expect when they visit a Carluccio’s. Our tip policy reflects our culture.

Individual waiting team members receive all cash tips given. All credit card tips are split amongst the whole team within the restaurant. All monies received by Carluccio’s on credit card tips are distributed in full to the restaurant team.

In a small number of restaurants we operate an optional service charge and all monies received by Carluccio’s are distributed in full amongst the whole team within the restaurant. It is entirely the choice of the guest whether or not to pay this service charge.

Our tipping policy is chosen by our independent TRONC committee. It is the responsibility of those receiving cash tips to declare the income for tax purposes to HM Revenue & Customs. The company and the TRONC committee do not govern any aspect of cash tips.

Carluccio’s fully support the UK Hospitality (UKH) voluntary code of best practice on service charges and tips.