The Doorway
To Italy

Welcome to Carluccio's, where every dish is a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage infused with British passion. Our journey began in 1991, when Antonio and Priscilla opened their food shop in Neal Street, London. With meticulous care, they sourced the finest regional Italian ingredients, each label handwritten with love. Their quest for excellence led them across Italy's landscapes, discovering the essence of authentic Italian cuisine.

In 1999, Carluccio's expanded its offerings with the inauguration of the first Carluccio’s Caffè in Market Place. Here, guests experienced a true taste of Italy, where every dish reflected the traditions and flavours of Antonio and Priscilla's beloved homeland. It wasn't just a restaurant; it was a culinary journey through Italy's diverse regions.

Carluccio's has flourished, proudly growing to encompass numerous restaurants that seamlessly blend Italian culinary tradition with the warm embrace of British hospitality. Today, that vision continues to thrive, with each Carluccio’s restaurant serving as a haven for those seeking an authentic Italian dining experience.

Enjoy The Taste Of Italy At Home

But our commitment to sharing the essence of Italy doesn't end at our restaurant doors. With delis located in all our establishments, guests can bring a piece of Italy home. From fresh pasta to artisanal olive oils, our delis offer an array of authentic Italian ingredients, allowing you to recreate the magic of Carluccio's in your own kitchen.

At Carluccio's, we invite you to indulge in the flavours of Italy, where every bite tells a story and every meal is a celebration of tradition, passion, and the joy of good food.