Funghi Porcini Secchi – Specially Selected Dry Porcini Mushroom Slices, 30g



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Specially selected dried porcini mushrooms, in very large slices. Presented in an elegant and practical jar to make visible all the beauty and rare quality of the Porcini. 

Special Quality Dried Porcini Mushrooms differ from other dried porcini mushrooms because the inner part of the mushroom is light in color, from cream to hazelnut, and the presence of crumbs is minimal and due only to the packaging of the mushroom itself. Porcini mushrooms selected one by one and processed as soon as they are harvested, to preserve all their taste and their extraordinary flavor as much as possible.

A must have kitchen staple for a variety of uses. Use for the very best mushroom risotto, using the water from rehydrating of the porcini as a stock. Perfect to make Pasta con Funghi or to add depth of flavour to stews or slow cooked meat ragu and vegetable sauces. Excellent for making sauces to accompany steak.



Italy’s ‘green heart’, Umbria is the only landlocked region in the country: hills, mountains, valleys and not many inhabitants make for a beautiful, empy landscape.

Umbrian cuisine is based on the cucina povera (peasant food) style – which just means that it is created with minimal ingredients and preparation methods that rely heavily on local products such as grains, vegetables, fresh herbs and, of course, olive oil.

Truffles grow throughout the region and the town of Norcia is the home of the prize black truffle. Here is it used to flavour everything from cheeses to cured meats. A classic Umbrian pasta is strangozzi, served either with truffle or a spicy tomato sauce.

The region is also well known for its roast suckling pig. Cooked on the spit in a wood oven, the pig is stuffed with heart, liver and lungs, with garlic, salt and wild fennel. Norcia has become so famous for its pork butchery and cured meats that across Italy butchers now use the term norcino to indicate all kinds of meats preserved in this manner.

As a wine-making region, Umbria isn’t well known – and so holds some great bargains… Grechetto crisp, dry whites and the deeply-coloured, rich Sagrantino reds being just two examples.