Il Borgo, Trebbiano Grape Wine Vinegar, 250ml



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Il Borgo del Balsamico’s Il Secco is a truly exceptional white wine vinegar, crafted with passion and tradition. Made from white Trebbiano grapes sourced from the renowned Emilia Romagna region, this vinegar is created using the time-honoured method of natural acidification.

The transformation begins by spraying the wine into vats, today made of steel and filled with wood chips. Within these vessels, the acetic acid bacteria found in the wood work their magic, gradually converting the wine into vinegar. This natural process allows the flavours to develop and mature over time.

Afterwards, Il Secco del Borgo is carefully aged in oak casks for several years, imparting a warm amber hue and deep, pungent tang. Its assertive acidity and intense, aromatic, and woody nose make it a choice that appeals to connoisseurs.

This versatile vinegar is perfect for enhancing fresh salads, raw vegetables, and marinades. Its pungent taste adds a delightful kick to any dish, sparking culinary inspiration and inviting you to explore new taste combinations.

Net Weight: 250ml

Ingredients List: Wine vinegar from Trebbiano grapes from Emilia Romagna. Contains SULPHITES Aged in Oak Barrels.



Emilia-Romagna is the north-eastern region of Italy, home to two historic regions of ‘Emilia’ & ‘Romagna’.

Its capital and largest city is Bologna, famous for its beautiful buildings, architecture and churches dating from the Roman period. The University of Bologna is the world’s oldest university, founded in 1088.

On a slightly more modern front, Emilia-Romagna is the automotive centre of Italy. Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Maseratis are all made in the region. However, it is also the birth place of some of the most traditional and well-known Italian foods: Parma prosciutto ham, balsamic vinegar (only made in the cities of Modena and Reggio-Emilia) and Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan cheese).