Muraglia, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Hand Painted Cactus Bottle, 500ml



SKU: 1mur018


The finest extra virgin olive oil from Puglian experts Frantoio Muraglia

Made exclusively from the prized Coratina olives, selected and processed using the traditional method of cold pressing. The olives are crushed between granite grindstones, ever so slowly to ensure a perfectly smooth and even paste. The team at Muraglia work tirelessly to extract an oil with very low acidity that has an incomparable consistency, bright green colour, flavour and aroma.

This oil is rustic and hearty oil with notes of fennel, pepper and dill with a spicy finish. Perfect with raw and salad vegetables, but you’ll want to use it on everything!!

The stunning Pop Art inspired bottles are handmade and painted locally in a small workshop, keeping the entire production local to Murgia, Puglia. A fitting bottle for the liquid gold inside.