Torre Mora Scalunera Rosato, Etna



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Expressive nose of small red fruits with delicate notes of ripe peach and passion fruit. Fresh palate, exposing good structure and well balanced. Mineral and sapid finish. Its distinct volcanic minerality brings a beach-reminiscent vibe supported by a remarkable concentration.

Pairs with rich fish dishes such as salmon or tuna, shellfish and salads with goats cheese


Net Volume: 75cl

ABV: %

Region: Sicily

Grape: Nerello Mascalese

Organic, Vegan



  • 2018, International Rosé Trophy International Wine Challenge 2019



Sicily is an island at the southern peninsula of Italy, and is both the largest region in the country and the largest island in the Mediterranean sea – and home to the infamous Mafia.

The active but calm Mount Etna towers over the island on the east coast, spurting its red hot lava 24/7 and can be seen glowing at night. Other than producing a lot of tourism, Etna’s eruptions have provided the region with mineral rich soil that contributes to some of Italy’s best agriculture despite its arid climate.

Sicily’s cuisine has developed in partial isolation to the mainland, and so has a distinctive character. Street food is in abundance across the island, such as arancina, a deep-fried risotto ball filled with rich meat ragu (known to northern Italians as arancini). Sfincione is a light airy bread covered in tomato, olive oil, anchovies and onions – Sicily’s answer to pizza.

Sicilians pride themselves on their lemons, and they are arguably some of the best in the world. The sweet and very sour juice and rind can be used in lemon pastas or for the famous limoncello.