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  • Carluccio's Christmas Range

    Christmas gift ideas for foodies and budding chefs

    Say Buon Natale with a luxury gift box, hamper, or individual item from Carluccio's. Packed with premium-quality Italian ingredients, we offer a mix of indulgent treats to enjoy straight out of the box and fantastic ingredients for those who love to cook. 

    Get your favourites whilst stocks last.


  • Carluccio's Favourites for Autumn

    Italian Ingredients Fit For Autumn Meals

    Comforting ingredients, quality coffee and cosy confectionary. Find our selected favourites here to make your autumn and winter days that little bit warmer.


    Carluccio's Favourites for Autumn
  • Carluccio's Favourites for Summer

    Italian Summer Food — Bright, Fresh Flavours For Alfresco Dining

    Bring a taste of Italy into your home this summer with our collection of sun-kissed ingredients. If you want to recreate your favourite Italian holiday dishes, this is the place to look for the authentic ingredients!

    Carluccio's Favourites for Summer
  • Christmas Chocolates & Confectionery

    Luxurious Chocolates and Confectionary — Make Christmas Extra Special

    Indulge yourself, your friends and your family this Christmas with our divine range of chocolates and confectionery from Italy. 


  • Durum Wheat Pasta

    Durum Wheat Pasta From Italy

    Durum wheat is the second-most cultivated species of wheat, typically planted in the spring and harvested in the autumn. It’s well adapted to the hot and dry conditions surrounding the Mediterranean sea. Pasta doughs made from durum wheat tend to have more stretch, making them ideal to use in pasta.

    It makes for an authentic, robust and gently flavoured pasta, perfect for coating in your favourite sauces.


  • Egg Pasta

    Egg Pasta — Italian Pasta with Added Richness of Flavour

    Commonly found in the kitchens of northern Italy, egg pasta is a golden colour, has a silky texture and a fuller, richer flavour. For Italian meals with a little more luxury, egg pasta is the perfect choice. 


  • Father's Day Gifts - La Festa del Papà

    Father’s Day Food Gifts To Put a Smile On His Face

    Whether he likes fine wine, delicious treats or loves to get in the kitchen and create home-cooked Italian meals, you can find the perfect gift for Dad here at Carluccio's. 

    Check out our range of Father's Day gift ideas.


    Father's Day Gifts - La Festa del Papà
  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards to Spend With Carluccio's

    If you can’t decide what to buy, another wonderful way to treat a loved one is via a gift card, ensuring your recipient will be able to choose the items they want for themselves. 

    Gift Cards
  • Hampers

    Hampers and gift boxes full of our picks of the best of our Italian products

    We've put together a selection of hampers and gift boxes featuring our favourite Italian food and drink, ideal gifts for special occasions.

  • Italian Antipasti

    The Ultimate Antipasti Selection — A Perfect Way To Start An Italian Feast

    Antipasti are the delicious snacks served before almost every Italian meal. Products like succulent sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes hearts harvested and jarred for freshness in a day, exceptional peranzana olives from an ancient Puglian estate. Enjoy all the above with our fine selection of breadsticks and crackers. 

    Take a look at our full range of Italian starters and pre-starters.

  • Italian Cakes and Biscuits

    Cakes and Biscuits — Sweet Treats for You and Your Loved Ones

    Italians have a biscuit for every time of day. The early morning cappuccino, the mid-morning espresso, the mid-afternoon pick-me-up, the after-dinner glass of vin santo – they’re all better with the right biscuit or cake!

    Our authentic sweet Italian treats will have you salivating - take a look for yourself.

  • Italian Chocolates & Confectionery

    There’s Never A Bad Time To Reach For Some Real Italian Chocolate…

    Food is all about pleasure and in our Italian chocolate and confectionary selection, you’ll find it in droves. Whether dark, milk or white chocolate, we’ve got plenty of options for those with a sweet tooth.

    Italian Chocolates & Confectionery
  • Italian Christmas Cakes & Biscuits

    Beautiful Biscuits and Tasty Treats From Italy

    For coffee mornings, between-meal snacks and moments when you need the perfect pick-me-up, look no further than our wonderful range of Italian cakes and biscuits this Christmas.

    Representing the regions and sweet flavours of the country, you’ll find a lot to love here.

  • Italian Christmas Gifts

    The Perfect Christmas Present Ideas For Fans Of Italian Food

    Filled to the brim with amazing Italian produce, our online Christmas gift shop is the perfect place to find presents this festive season. 

    Light up a loved one's Christmas with the perfect foodie gift this year.


  • Italian Christmas Hampers

    Italian Christmas Food Hampers — Packed with Indulgence

    Whether buying as a gift for a loved one, or stocking up for yourself and your family’s luxury-tinged Christmas, our hampers are the ideal choice. There’s a range of options, so take your time to browse and find the perfect hamper for you. 

  • Italian Coffee

    Premium Italian Coffee — Enjoy The Perfect Cup

    All our coffee is roasted exclusively for us in Italy. Authentic and regional, our varieties offer the true taste of Italian coffee.

    It's the same Italian coffee that you can enjoy in Carluccio's cafes and comes from Naples and Milan, as well as additional limited edition regions - each with their own unique flavour to offer.

    You'll find whole beans, ground beans and instant options to suit you and your tastes.

    Italian Coffee
  • Italian Coffee & Hot Drinks

    Italian Coffee

    We're proud of our authentic coffee, which is roasted exclusively for us in Italy. It's the same special coffee that you can enjoy in Carluccio's restaurants, with regional varieties to suit all tastes. 

    Our drinking chocolate comes direct from Italy too, inspired by the 'caffes' in Torino.

  • Italian Coffee Beans

    Complex-Tasting Coffee Beans From Italy

    Our whole coffee beans have been carefully selected to ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee, whether its first thing in the morning, throughout the day or as a post-meal espresso.  

  • Italian Coffee Hampers

    Our Hand-Picked Selections of Coffees and Biscuits

    If you are looking for perfect coffee morning pairings, you are in the right place. Our  selection will ensure you have the perfect pick-me-up coffee and treats waiting for you when you need them.

    If you are in need of a variety coffee hamper, we have that here too, meaning you can pick and choose your coffee style depending on your meal.

  • Italian Drinking Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate Produced In Italy

    A warming and comforting drink, our luxury Italian hot chocolate is the same thick and delicious drink you might have tried in our restaurants. 

    Our drinking chocolate comes directly from Italy, inspired by the cafes in Torino.

  • Italian Drinks

    Your One-Stop Shop For All High Quality Italian Drinks

    Whether it’s alcoholic or not, hot or cold, we’ve got the pick of Italian liquid refreshments here. Superb wines, outstanding coffees — if you want a taste of Italy in a glass or a cup, this is the place to look.


  • Italian Easter - Pasqua

    Italian Easter Food Treats — Celebrate in Style

    All across the world, Easter festivities are celebrated with food, and Italy is no different. Why not give a decadent Italian twist to your Easter-feasting this year?

    We have a range of luxurious store cupboard ingredients, food and alcohol and chocolate treats the whole family can enjoy. 

    Take a look and have a wonderful Easter. 

    Italian Easter - Pasqua
  • Italian Espresso

    Nothing Beats A Strong Shot Of Italian Espresso

    Coffee this strong needs to be of high quality — something we can promise here. We offer a few different varieties to browse through, all to make sure you have just the right cup to suit your taste buds.

  • Italian Food

    The Full Range of Italian Food at Carluccio's

    Here you’ll find our Italian food products, all in one place. We’ve got pasta and rice, sauces, oils, olives, confectionery and lots more for you to explore. Many are organic and all are sourced from the finest producers in Italy. 

    Take a little time to peruse everything that we have to offer.


  • Italian Gift Boxes

    Our Italian Food and Drink Gift Boxes — Wrapped and Ready

    From biscuits to pasta, oil to Prosecco, our gift boxes are all bundles of Italian culinary magic and are the perfect way to show someone you care.

    Expertly curated, packed in stunning boxes, prepared with care and tied with a ribbon. Which one will you choose?


    Italian Gift Boxes
  • Italian Gift Hampers

    Luxury Italian Food and Drink Hampers

    Whether its wine hampers, regionally-themed meal hampers or a selection of sweet treats, we have many hampers to match your gifting needs.

    All hampers are expertly curated and lovingly packed into one of our FSC-approved gift hampers. 

    Italian Gift Hampers
  • Italian Gift Sets & Hampers

     Gift A Loved One Luxury Italian Food and Drink

    Whatever the occasion, a delicious culinary-themed present will always go down very nicely with the recipient. With large hampers and gift sets to choose from, you’ll never be short of inspiration for gifts fit for milestone celebrations. 


  • Italian Gifts

    Give The Gift Of Delicious, Luxury Italian Food And Drink

    Whatever the occasion, a wonderful culinary-themed gift will always go down well. With large hampers, gift boxes and individual items to choose from, you’ll never be short of presents perfect for milestone celebrations. 

    Take a look at our full range of foodie gift ideas.


    Italian Gifts
  • Italian Ground Coffee

    Italian Ground Coffee From Naples, Milan and more…

    The perfect cup of Italian coffee needs the perfect grind. We’ve done the job for you here, so take a look and see what style suits you. 

  • Italian Ingredients

    Carluccio's cooking ingredients for Italian recipes

    What's in an Italian cook's store cupboard? From Risotto Rice, to tinned IGP tomatoes, lots of lovely things to make your favourite dishes, all specially selected and imported from Italy.

  • Italian Jam & Honey

    Perfect Preserves, for Breakfast and Beyond

    Whether spreading on your morning toast, or using as ingredient in a sweet or savoury recipe, our honeys and preserves are wonderfully full-flavoured ingredients, perfect for your larder and ready to bring sweet flavour to any meal.


  • Italian Meal Hampers

    Italian Meal Hampers, Packed with Quality Ingredients and Fine Flavour

    Whether it’s a regionally-based Italian meal, or a pasta and sauce set offering a variety of dinners, our hampers are well-stuffed with goodies to bring the flavours of Italy directly into your kitchen. 


    Italian Meal Hampers
  • Italian Oils and Vinegars

    Oils and Vinegars, Sourced From Producers Throughout Italy

    At the centre of any Italian store cupboard are high quality oils and vinegars.

    Our Carluccio's extra virgin olive oil is from Calabria, handpicked and cold pressed within hours of harvest.

    Our balsamic vinegars are from Modena in Emilia - Romagna. We have two different styles, from a mature, full bodied vinegar perfect for dressings, marinades or dipping with oil to a dense, thick, syrupy and silky vinegar for use on special recipes and a great accompaniment to parmesan cheese.

    Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find a premium and authentic addition to your larder here.

    Italian Oils and Vinegars
  • Italian Olive Oils

    Highest Quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Flavoured Oils

    Sourced from only the best producers, our extra virgin olive oils are made by small, family-run artisans - in Umbria, Puglia, Sardinia, Tuscany and Sicily.

    Oil is the cornerstone of authentic Italian food and you are sure to find only the best in the shop here at Carluccio's.

  • Italian Panettone & Pandoro

    Traditional Italian Panettone  — Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it

    Italians are all very proud of their regional traits and fiercely protective of their local food traditions. Yet, panettone has managed to overcome regional boundaries to become a truly national cake. It is the star of Christmas both in Italy and at Carluccio's.

    Pane in Italian simply means bread. That’s why so many of our cakes have ‘pan’ in their name, and why we always say that a panettone is “part bread, part cake”.

    Our Italian bakers only make Panettone between September & December, so even if we wanted to stock it all year round, we can’t — and that’s what makes them so special —

    Grab yours while you can! 


    Italian Panettone & Pandoro
  • Italian Pasta

    Durum Wheat & Egg Pasta Varieties — Perfect For An Authentic Italian Meal

    Italian pasta dates back centuries. There are over 300 different shapes, so we have selected our favourites made by producers who are passionate about pasta from many different regions across Italy.


  • Italian Pasta and Rice

    The Staple, Starchy Components of Great Italian Food — Pasta and Rice

    Whether making a light super, or a huge family feast, if doing it the Italian way, it’s rare that pasta or rice won’t feature.

    From creamy risottos to rich, baked al forno — pasta and rice dishes
    can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make them.

    By using the best ingredients you can buy, you will always be off to a good start… 


    Italian Pasta and Rice
  • Italian Pesto

    Italian Pesto — Great With Pasta and Antipasti

    Basil and garlic pesto, Pesto Alla Genovese, is the most famous of all the pesto options, but here we have a few other variations for you to try too. Classically served with pasta, but great on bruschetta, with Mozzarella/Burrata cheese or accompanying meat, fish and vegetables. 

  • Italian Ragu

    Italian Ragu - Slow Cooked Meat Sauces For Your Convenience

    Rich, slow cooked meat ragu is often a weekend treat in Italy — served in much the same way the British would serve a Sunday Lunch. Our producers have done all the long, slow cooking for you here, so you can enjoy a decadent pasta meal any night of the week. 


  • Italian Red Wine

    Finest Italian Red Wine, Selected For You

    We work closely with smaller vineyards and co-operatives across Italy to bring you a balanced range of wines, comprising of both classic and rarer grape varieties — in this case a range of Italian reds. 

  • Italian Rose Wine

    Crisp And Fresh Italian White Wines

    We work with local vineyards and co-operatives across Italy to bring you a balanced range of wines, including both classic and rarer grape varieties. Collected here are all our Italian rose wines. 

  • Italian Sauces

    Italian Sauce, or ‘Sugo’ — Ready-Made for Quick and Simple Pasta Suppers 

    Simple sauces are obviously great for lighter pasta meals, but can also work brilliantly on pizza bases, as the basis of soups or alongside meat and fish. Take a look at our selection of delicious sauces here.


  • Italian Sauces and Pesto

    Italian Pasta Sauces and Pesto — Perfect for Pasta.

    Sun-kissed vegetarian sauces from Puglia, Wild Boar Ragu from Tuscany, fiery 'Nduja from Calabria — we have a fantastic range of sugo, pesto and ragu here.

    All our sauces are made in the regions of Italy, by small, family-run producers, many of whom we have known for decades. As you would expect, the quality is exceptional.

  • Italian Soft Drinks & Mixers

    The Perfect Italian Cocktail Needs The Perfect Mixer

    Take a look at some of the soft drink favourites from our restaurants, including San Pellegrino and Fever Tree. 

  • Italian Sparkling Wine

    A Superb Selection of Sparkling Wines From Italy

    Take a look at our selection of Prosecco and Asti, all lovingly produced in Italy. Perfect for celebrations or even just to bring in the start of a weekend, these are a refined-yet-lively collection of wines. 

  • Italian Spirits & Liqueurs

    Italian Cocktails, Aperitifs and Higher Alcohol Drinks

    Whether it’s gin infused with the taste of Amalfi, or classics like Aperol, we’ve got a selection of quality spirits to get your celebrations and dinner parties off to a great start. 

  • Italian Sweet Wine

    Delicious Dessert Wines From Italy

    Whether pairing with simple ice cream, tiramisu or a slice of cake, having an Italian dessert wine on hand will help finish off any meal in style. Take a look at what we have to offer.

  • Italian Vinegars

    Premium Balsamic Vinegars from Romagna, Italy

    We have three different styles of Balsamic, from a light vinegar perfect for salads to a sticky sweet syrupy vinegar which is a great accompaniment to Parmesan cheese.

  • Italian White Wine

    Crisp And Fresh Italian White Wines

    We work closely with smaller vineyards and co-operatives across Italy to bring you a balanced range of wines, including both classic and rarer grape varieties. Here we have our selection of Italian white wines for you. 

  • Italian Wine Hampers

    Our Wine Hampers Are The Perfect Gift Or Personal Treat 

    Our specially curated wine hampers have been put together to offer you or a loved one a wine-tasting journey around Italy. Salute!


  • Italian Wines

    Our Range of Italian Wines, Full of Classic But Affordable Bottles

    Italian wine is loved the world over and we’ve carefully selected our favourites for you to savour and enjoy. From reds and whites, rosés, sparkling and sweet dessert wines, the connoisseurs amongst you will certainly enjoy browsing the entire selection.

    Italian Wines
  • Luxury Advent Calendar

    Pre-order your Limited Edition Carluccio's Luxury Advent Calendar now - filled with sweets, treats, classic ingredients, aperitivo, Italian spirits and much more.

    Dopotutto è Natale

    It's Christmas After All

    Luxury Advent Calendar
  • Mother's Day Gifts - La Festa della Mamma

    Luxurious Mother’s Day Food Gifts

    Once a year we all get to show our mothers just how much we care. There’s no better way of doing that than with a beautiful food gift from Carluccio's.

    From chocolates, to Prosecco, you could easily go down the traditional route, or alternatively, you could buy an incredible meal kit and cook her a sumptuous dinner. Either way, she’ll feel spoiled. 

    Make her day truly special with a little bit of Italian Indulgence.


  • Panettone Gift Hampers

    Gloriously Indulgent Panettone and Prosecco Hampers For Christmas

    It’s a classic Carluccio's Christmas combo: panettone & Prosecco all wrapped up in a hamper and ready to be gifted.

    Find numerous variations on this theme here — amazing hampers with panettone as the star of the show…

    Dopotutto è Natale... it's Christmas after all!

  • Piccolo Panettone

    Christmas Foodie Stocking Fillers

    Our smaller panettone are the ideal gift to fit into a stocking — and certainly helps you sidestep the annual question of ‘what do I do with leftover panettone’! 

    We have three delicious flavours here, so there’s something for everyone.


  • Risotto Rice

    Plain and Flavoured Risotto Rice — The Ultimate Savoury Comfort Food

    Creamy-yet-light, risotto is Italian comfort food at its finest. In our shop we stock the king of risotto rice, Carnaroli rice. We offer both unflavoured options for keen cooks and flavoured versions for those looking for a little help or convenience. 

    It’s a simple dish, ready in just 20 minutes, so why not grab some rice and get cooking your own authentic risottos?    


  • Sale

    Check Out Our Italian Food and Drink Sale

    Here's where you'll find a chance to make some savings on your favourite Italian food and drink items from Carluccio's. Take a look at the bargains and offers we currently feature in our shop.  

  • Shop All

    Our Full Range Of Italian Food and Drink

    Here is where you’ll find our authentic Italian food and drink items all in one place.

    From organic sauces to artisan pastas, antipasti to store cupboard staples, coffees, wines and more — there's
    plenty of delicious inspiration to be found here for the Italian-food lover. 

    Take some time to browse and see what takes your fancy. 


  • Tableware & Kitchen Accessories

    Stylish Tableware and Kitchen Accessories

    Alongside all of our food and drink, we also offer a modest-but-stylish range of tableware and accessories for your kitchen. Ideal for gifting, naturally, or maybe just as a treat to yourself? 

    Tableware & Kitchen Accessories
  • Valentine's Day Gifts - La Festa Degli Innamorati

    Nothing Says Romance Quite Like A Luxurious Italian Meal

    Whether it’s finest Italian sparkling wine or a deliciously simple home-cooked meal, say ‘I love you’ with a little help from Carluccio's this year. 


  • Vegan Italian Food

    Italian Food Options For People On Plant-Based Diets

    When it comes to catering for vegans, Italy offers a variety of wonderful meat and dairy-free options. From sauces to olives, breadsticks to wine, we have collected all of our vegan-friendly Italian foods here.