Carnaroli Rice, Gli Aironi 750g

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Risotto Rice, Produced Using Timeless, Artisan Methods  Carnaroli rice, or the king of risotto rice as it's known, is...

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Risotto Rice, Produced Using Timeless, Artisan Methods 

Carnaroli rice, or the king of risotto rice as it's known, is the perfect choice for:

  • Rich risottos 
  • Arancini (using risotto leftovers — if you have any!)
  • Rice puddings
  • As an ingredient in Minestrone-like soups

It comes in a decorative tin that illustrates the steps to a "Perfect Risotto". An ideal gift for a foodie, this high quality Carnaroli rice guarantees an optimal, starchy texture after cooking, which is a fundamental characteristic for guaranteeing that perfect risotto.

Carnaroli Rice — Arborio's Smoother, More Sophisticated Cousin  

The artisan stone husking by Gli Aironi guarantees the light de-husking of the grain, keeping intact the nutritional substances present in the external part of the rice, which are responsible for the unmistakable flavour and texture of this product.

The experience of five generations in rice cultivation has paid off best in the “Grange” area (surrounding agricultural land of Vercelli), where the Perinotti family has dedicated its efforts to improving farming conditions on our estate, the Tenuta Pracantone. Produced with respect for nature, with techniques that rely on the wisdom of tradition.



Nutritional information (typical value for 100g)


Piemonte (or Piedmont) is the second largest region of Italy, found in the north west of the country. Its largest city and the original capital of Italy is Turin, the bustling business and culture hub of northern Italy. Turin is filled with a mixture of 16th and 18th century renaissance, baroque and neo classical architecture. More up-to-date, it is also home to Juventus FC, one of Italy’s best football teams.

Moving away from the cities, Piedmont is known for its connection to the Alps. Almost half of the region is covered by mountains, making it one of Italy’s top skiing destinations. The geography of the region generates great agricultural farm land and it is best known for its grapes and wine production. Barolo and Barbaresco red wines are made from the Nebbiolo grape, and the sparkling Asti Spumante comes from the Moscato grape.

Besides wine, the region also produces a vast amount of Italian risotto rice. Arborio, Carnaroli and 11 other varieties of rice are grown in paddy fields, irrigated by river water.