A complete guide to buying Italian espresso coffee | Choosing a brand, beans and ground coffee

Buying Italian espresso coffee allows you to capture a hugely important part of Italian culture from the comfort of your own home. When it comes to enjoying an authentic Italian espresso, every detail matters, from the selection of the beans to the choice of equipment. Most importantly, choosing the best-quality brand and doing some research beforehand is vital.

Here, we provide a full guide to choosing the perfect espresso coffee, including how to choose the best-quality espresso brand, and more.

How to select the right espresso coffee brand

Choosing an authentic Italian espresso coffee brand allows you to enjoy a true Italian coffee experience from your own home. The flavour complexity of espresso is greatly influenced by how and where the beans are roasted. Traditional Italian methods, such as slow roasting in drum roasters, develop a depth of flavour that is distinctly Italian. At Carluccio’s, we use these time-honoured techniques, roasting each variety of bean separately to achieve their signature blend profiles, all roasted within Italy to preserve authentic flavours.

Researching a brand’s heritage and customer satisfaction can also provide insights into its authenticity and quality. Carluccio’s has built a reputation on delivering high-quality, traditionally made Italian espresso, emphasising our use of genuine Italian roasting practices and sourcing of the best-quality beans.

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Enjoy a sweeter, refined blend with Carluccio’s espresso di Milano

Enjoy Milanese-style ground coffee from pure Arabica beans. We use 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Our Milano espresso blend provides chocolatey, caramel and hazelnut flavours. To grind your own beans finely for use in an espresso machine, you can shop our Milano coffee beans here. You can also grind our Milano coffee beans coarse for use in a cafetiere, providing honey, toffee and nutty flavours.

Milano espresso coffee blend

Shop our Milano espresso coffee blend.

Choosing the best Italian espresso

The beans you choose lay the foundation for the quality of your espresso. Your Italian espresso beans should be as fresh as possible to ensure the fullest flavour. A medium to dark roast level is key in achieving the rich, full-bodied flavour typical of Italian espresso, with reduced acidity and notes such as chocolate and hazelnut.

If you are buying Italian ground coffee for espresso, the consistency of the grind should cater specifically to espresso machines, meaning it should be very fine. This ensures optimal extraction, pressure and flavour concentration.

Lastly, you should also ensure your espresso coffee is packaged in airtight containers. Carluccio’s packaging is designed to preserve freshness and aroma, maintaining the integrity of the coffee for every brew.

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Buying espresso equipment essentials

Moka pot

A moka pot is traditional option that many coffee enthusiasts prefer to use to enjoy an authentic coffee experience. A moka pot is an ideal choice for those new to espresso or looking for a simple method to produce a rich, dense espresso. This method is straightforward and an economical option and can help you to enjoy a true taste of Italian coffee culture. Find out more about how to drink espresso like an Italian.

Espresso machine

A high-quality espresso machine is a worthwhile investment. It should maintain precise pressure and temperature to extract the perfect shot.

Burr grinder

If opting for whole beans, a burr grinder is recommended for achieving a consistently fine grind, which is crucial for the perfect espresso. These are more precise and consistent than blade-style grinder and use two revolving abrasive surfaces to grind coffee beans in a uniform size.

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Closeup of woman's hands hold cup of freshly brewed espresso, standing by windows and admiring the beautiful city view

Why choose Carluccio's espresso coffee?

At Carluccio's, we celebrate the rich tradition of Italian espresso. Our espresso beans are sourced from the finest growers, then roasted and ground in Italy, preserving the authenticity and superior quality of the beans. This meticulous process ensures that each cup of espresso you enjoy at Carluccio's not only tastes excellent but also carries the heritage of Italian coffee culture.

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By adhering to traditional Italian roasting practices and using only the finest beans, we ensure each cup of espresso is fresh and full of flavour. Additionally, we are also committed to responsible sourcing, ensuring that not only are our products of high quality but also ethically obtained.

Choose between our sweet and refined Milano blend, our rich and lively Napoli blend, or our intense, creamy and full-bodied Roma blend for notes of walnut, dark caramel and spice. For a gentle yet rich flavour, our Siena espresso provides aromatic hints of citrus and almond.

Shop our full range of Italian coffee and hot drinks here.

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