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Pandoro Classico - Traditional Star Shaped Sponge Cake from VenetoThe regional Christmas cake from Veneto, baked in a...

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Pandoro Classico - Traditional Star Shaped Sponge Cake from Veneto

The regional Christmas cake from Veneto, baked in an 8 pointed star shaped moulds, its name means "golden bread" and thanks to the high content of eggs the cake has really has a warm, yellow colour. it also contains plenty of butter, giving it a soft, fluffy texture. Comes with it's own sachet of icing sugar to serve.

Pandoro is best served at room temperature, better if it is kept close to a radiator (in its bag!) so that it becomes extra soft. To sprinkle it evenly with sugar, pour the sachet of icing sugar in the bag and shake it. Alternatively, you can sprinkle sugar more traditionally with a sieve.

Can be cut horizontally in star shaped slices, spun by layer to create a christmas tree effect at a table. Or layer each with a filling - sweet mascarpone, hazelnut spread, the choice is yours...

Also delicious toasted and served with a mug of hot chocolates for a truly indulgent breakfast.

Net Weight: 750g


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Veneto is a north-west region of the Italy that branches from the Dolomite Alps in the north down to the beautifully blue waters of the Adriatic Sea in the south. Along the southern coast is its capital Venice. The city throughout time has been regarded extremely highly in literature, art, film and theatre. Venice’s beautifully unique water ways connected by over four hundred bridges creates a perfect setting for anyone wanting to tell an atmospheric story. Its Baroque and Gothic styled architecture along with the world-famous glass workers add to the aesthetic of the city.

Just north of Venice lies Treviso, a small city that is home to the most famous cuisine to come from Veneto, the creamy and soft Tiramisu. This layered coffee-soaked biscuit and mascarpone dessert is among the most proud and renowned food to come from Italy. Prosecco which is the constant rival to Champagne also originated in Treviso. The bubbling wine is like champagne however the difference being Prosecco is fermented in steel barrels not wood. Enjoy it with a splash of Aperol or Campari for the summery ‘Spritz’.