Fichi con Ciliegie al Rhum – Rum soaked figs stuffed with cherries, coated in dark chocolate, 200g



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Fichi con Ciliegie al Rhum – Rum soaked Calabrian figs stuffed with cherries, coated in dark chocolate 

Our producer from near Cosenza, Calabria have for many years made these figs, soaked in rum and stuffed with a candied cherry, but never offered us to try them until 2017. They were an immediate success and our now a Christmas favourite for us and all our customers. 

Born recently in 1998, but based on recipes of family tradition of over 50 years. our much loved producer works only with the renowned Cosenza figs. They are considered among the best figs in the world for fleshiness and sweet flavour, which becomes even tastier if eaten dried or stuffed with almonds or walnuts.

The famed quality of the Fico del Cosenza, the control of the orchards in the production, the drying, the packaging with terracotta baskets and containers produced in Calabria, are the most important values ​​of the company born to rediscover the true flavours of the Cosenza and Calabrian confectionary tradition.


Net Weight: 200g








Known as the ‘toe’ of the ‘boot’ of the country, Calabria is the most southern region of mainland Italy. Its unusual mix of Mediterranean coastline and mountainous environments means it has high temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter. Coupled with great hillside settings it creates the perfect climate for growing olives.

The summery heat allows for very hot chillies to grow, contributing to the most famous product of the region, nduja. This is a spicy chilli and pork fat spread which is usually smeared over toasted Italian bread.

No longer associated with the old influences of the Mafiosa, Calabria has been become an authentic, vibrant and bustling region of Italy.